Hawking and begging

I was on my way home, when I saw a small boy of about 12 years old sitting besides a tray of vegetables, which he was to sell.

He muttered something to  me, but I didn’t really hear and so I continued my journey. The child I was holding shook my hand and told me that the boy had asked for water.

I immediately turned back, seeing my look of  concern the boy’s face brightened.

I lifted a bottle of water which was from the child’s lunchbox. He rushed towards me and took the bottle, he drank a little and wanted to return the remaining. I said “No, you can take it all”

He drank all and returned the bottle to me. He said “thank you”,  to which I nodded.

Now this is not a fun blog post, it is a concerned one. From the look of things, this boy didn’t go to school that day, or hasn’t gone at all.

Please where ever you are, spread the word that hawking exposes the children to harm.

I wish I could write more, but we will make do with this.


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