You know as an African, you feel the urge to write any wrong in the society.

but are we really doing so?

Lots and lots of people are killed like chickens, due to jungle justice, have you ever tried to wonder, why is it called jungle justice?, why would it be called jungle justice, when the people that practice it, mostly live in the city.

jungle justice is justice served by BARBARIANS, well educated men don’t leave in the jungle anymore, even those who leave in the jungle seemed to have formed a cordial relationship between themselves.

these post goes not only to African, but to the so called “developed” countries.

we are not mere animals, and so why should we die like animals?, jungle justice will rob the human larvae of specific benefits that a man (who has been killed) who have given.

jungle justice is barbaric, please let’s stop, we have the armed forces to do their job, let’s face our duties.

now to all of us , who do things, that would cost them like lives (stealing, fraud and so on). be warned, you might be the next person to die.

now, I wonder what Christ meant, when he said “he who lives by the sword, will die by the sword”.
SOURCE: http://Naijaforum.forum.cool


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