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*IF I BECOME THE PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA,**My 12 Points Agenda would be as follows:*

1. I am going to make sure any guy or girl

who breaks

each others heart will spend

20years in jail.

2. No man is entitled to more than one


3. Any guy without 6 packs or any girl

without figure 8 will have to relocate to

Iran or Iraq

for survival..

4. No work on Mondays

5. You must not have more than 4kids…

6. If U are married and ain’t paying

attention to your

wife,you will be jailed until you change.

7. Every cheating man or woman must be

kept in a

zoo for 2 months.

8. No sex until U seek permission from

your local

Govt chairman… and it’s once per


9.Every boy must register her girlfriend

in the ministry of

woman affairs,which makes it one boy

one girl ,if you want

re-register a new girl you will publish it

on 4 different


10.Any girl who is not married till 35

years will be taken to

chibok for the exchange of our girls held

by boko haram

11.Any man of 40 years and still single

will receive a free

wife from the federal government,

12.Every marriage certificate will have

expiration date and

will be renewed promptly when


*Question is::*

*Will u vote for me??


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