VIP: 10 Rules to follow if you want to be a self millionaire.


Money is not a single animal that all men must chase and only few may catch.

Wealth grows for all people, and with the right principle, all can enjoy more.

Many people think that for one person to be rich, another must be poor, but that is not true. It is your job to apply all the rules and make your money like never before.

Here are ten ways to become a self-millionaire:

  1. Appreciate the value of Money: know that money flies, but can also reside with a man.
  2. A part of all you earn is yours to keep: pay yourself, though all you earn is yours, keep only a little for yourself.
  3. Let your money work for you
  4. Respect your budget and control your spending.
  5. Save: Always save, this keeps you insured against financial crashes.
  6. Increase  your earning potential
  7. Think Positively
  8. Try your best to be independent
  9. Build your mind to think like a millionaire.
  10. Never look back

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