Teaching your children about sex.

Some people would think that i am not old enough to take this topic, but let us leave that to the critics.

Not too long ago, Parents had the opportunity to be the first ones to talk about sex to their children, talk about the gradual changes their children would or should face.

But that has all changed, today Children are already exposed to sex, even before puberty changes. the Media, Internet, Books, Friends have already found the first place on children’s mind when it comes to sex and everything.


  • Realize that Explicit content is everywhere: Just as  mentioned above, almost everything around a child is pointing the world of Sex at him or her. And children might conclude that Sex is the ultimate thing in life.
  • Marketers target children’s minds: Advertisers and sellers know that children can be wired to put undue emphasis on sexy materials, and so they know that selling a sexy material o a child increases the chances of future purchases, they give it to them. So try your best to keep an eye on your children’s purchases, and why he or she keeps his retailer’s information from you.
  • Teach your children about sex: Find time to do that, in the night, early in the morning, or at any convenient time.
  • Keep a close eye: What are they doing?, What are they watching?, What do they do on their on their phone?, what do they do in secret?, Keep a close, very close eye on them.

Despite all perceptions, you must know this, a parent has more influence on a child, rather than his or her peers.



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