The purpose and power of the Resurrection

We are in the beloved season of Easter, and so I would love to share with you, my pastor’s sermon for Easter on Sunday.

Philippians 3:1-11

There is a purpose for which Christ rose from the dead. Looking at the above text, Paul warned about dogs, bad people. The Paul was referring to was not the normal dogs, but people who are bot children of God.

By why should we beware of the dogs?,  because we are special people.

Paul was a person who was a first class Jew, but he was also a persecutors of the believers.

When Paul met Christ, everything about him changed.looking at the life of Paul, he had suffered a lot, and decided that life was nothing and will be nothing, but for the Resurrection of Jesus.

We should also know that nothing will rapture with heaven with us. Don’t find glory in materials, but in the resurrection of Jesus, because this resurrection assures our tomorrow.

Jesus Christ died for us,  yes, and he also lived for us, he came back to life for us.

The resurrection of Jesus brings life, tap into it.



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