Nigerian oil producer gives reason for development.

With many challenges – pipeline vandalism, crude oil theft, lack of funds and others – the indigenous oil companies are indeed going through very difficult times. In this interview with Udeme Akpan, the Managing Director of the Niger Delta Exploration and Production Plc,  Mr. Layi Fatona called for urgent government intervention.
What factors account for your rapid development and emergence as one of the leading oil and gas producers in Nigeria?

We do more than 7,000 barrels per day, bpd. Consider that we also produce about 45MM standard cubic feet, Scf/d of gas from the Ogbele field, with our equity share from the nearly 10,000 Bopd and 260 MM Scf/d of gas from the OML-34 JV. The factors for our development are essentially remaining focused, knowing and able to anticipate the trend as well as getting ready for tomorrow. All these are factors that have allowed us to sustain growth even at times when small Independent producers like us are doing everything to get going and remain afloat. I must admit, these are trying times for each and every one of us – Nigerian Independents Producers.


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