Sorry Biafra, this is another reason you can’t come to pass.


This screenshot is from an app titled “The Nigerian Constitution”.

A close observation of the pictire reveals that Nigeria as a country is indivisible, it can not be divided.

This is perhaps a blow to the people figthing for a break up of Biafra from Nigeria, well the constitution says that the realisation of Biafra is not possible. 

However stay close, because Our team would research if the President can undo that law, and give Biafra a chance.

What you know is what you show, See my opinion on this.

As a person I love to obverse people, and try to judge their actions and give a meaning to them.

One thing I have observed about children is that the way they speak is 94 percent alike to what they write.

One day, I sat close to a girl of thirteen years, who was writing. I tried my best not to read whatever she was writing. But I could not control myself and I began to read.

It went thus:

“Yesterday, me and brother lekan was going to my mummy shop, he is liking our going, me too.

We reach our shop and I see my mummy and she is Happy, she call me and my brother and she give us fry rice and meet…………”

I tried in all my power not to laugh, I didn’t. 

I decided to start up a conversation. 

“How are you?”


“Did this thing happen, or is it a joke?”

“No, it is true, me and my brother was going to my mummy shop, and……..”

Not wanting to lose my serious face, I interrupted her, and walked away in laughter.

May God help us, I hope that with my point, I hope been able to convince you that it what you know that you show, and what you say is what you write.

Are you a genius?, brethren. 

A genius is a person who displays exceptional intellectual ability, creative productivity, universality in genres or orignality , typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of new advances in a domain of knowledge.

Despite the presence of scholars in many subjects throughout history, many geniuses have shown high achievements in only a single kind of activity.

There is no scientifically precise definition of genius, and the question of whether the notion itself has any real meaning has long been a subject of debate, although psychologists are converging on a definition that emphasizes creativity and eminent achievement.

Usually genius is associated with talent, but many authors (for example Cesare Lombroso) systematically distinguish these terms.

When it’s time to shut up

“Would you close your mouth?”

“Won’t you shut up?”

“When is she going to stop talking?”

A lot of us enjoy talking, it’s a form of communication that can’t be ignored in everyday life, but a lot of us misuse talking.

I am not saying that you don’t have the right to talk however you like; there are people who when corrected about their talking, give you this “I was given my mouth to talk”, yes and so what?

Others give this “freedom of speech” talk, you have the right to talk, but don’t talk me to boredom.

So when should you know when to stop talking, or to put it well, to shut up.

1 When you feel you have said too much

 There are times when we talk and talk so much, that we know that we have said too much, the funny thing is that we keep on talking. Why not shut up. 

2 You notice that your listeners are getting bored

Stop right there, don’t keep on talking, or instead crack a very funny joke.

 When your listener(s) frequently  gives you “I don’t know” for an answer, or just smiles.   Stop talking.

3 You lost count of time

Sometimes, your listeners can also get interested in your talk, especially when it’s a discussion. 

But you also need to know that when you notice you have talked too much, stop talking.

4 You don’t undetstand what you are saying anymore

Yes, i am also guilty of something like this, you see, sometimes I talk so much that I just continue talking without thinking, and I eventually say rubbish.

When you get to a point like this, zip up.

5  When your listener wants to talk

Don’t keep interrupting your listener, let him talk, it might be his way of telling you ” Hey, you’ve said too much”.
This few points should be able to put you in the right step to develop having good communication skills with people, and avoid bragging, blaspheming ( Some people believe i am guilty of this), saying nonsense, and of course boring others.

If you feel there are others ways to know when to keep shut up during a conversation,  which of course, there are. Feel free to add them in the comment box.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to join YBNL. See how to do so.

How to join YBNL nation?
You can’t just join YBNL by paying a certain amount of money as this is a team of unique artists. You need to have something really special and be approved by Olamide, the YBNL founder.

If you believe you have something unique, you may try your destiny.

Just follow these steps:

• Create a cool song;

• Send it to;

• After that, it will undergo a special check by website admin.

Have a look at these telephone numbers. Give them a call and you can get all the information you need. Here they are:

08184702608 or 08186360343

Manager Email:

Do you still have questions? If yes, use the above-mentioned e-mail address to find out all the details. If no, then don’t waste time, join YBNL Nation and become a part of the YBNL Nation crew.

Would I allow my wife sleep with my brother for 2 million dollars?

I hope that yout won’t mind my inclusion of a brother and not a sister, I did so in order to be able to personalize the situation. 

So, what would I do if I was offered 2 million dollars to have my brother sleep with my wife?

At first, I would be like WTF? ;););), then, I would consider the request and of course the amount of money concerned.

I could buy a house, a car, travel to America, a company, a laptop, provide 50 jobs or so, build a farm, enjoy rice (if you know what I mean), and of course get connections with the Ogas at the top.

But NO, I won’t, why in God’s name, would i do so?

Comment in the comment box below what you think

A man realizes that the closest ones aren’t always full of good luck

An old Australian battler lies dying in his bed. He calls over Shirley, his faithful wife of 60 years, and says, “Shirl, when we started out, we tried to buy a business in the depression, it went bust: you were with me”

“Oh, yes, Bruce”, she says.

Then the war started, I joined up, and was sent to the front line, where I lost me legs. You stayed with me.”

“Oh yes, Bruce” she says.

“Then, I came home, couldn’t get a job due to me disability, and bought a farm.”

“Oh, yes, Bruce”, she says.

“The farm flooded, then just when we got over that, there was a bushfire, and then the drought, which wiped us right out: you still stayed with me.”

“Oh yes, Bruce,”

“Now here I am, in excruiating pain, about to die, useless and you’re still with me.”

“Yes Bruce.”


“Yes, Bruce?”

“You’re bloody bad luck”