What you know is what you show, See my opinion on this.

As a person I love to obverse people, and try to judge their actions and give a meaning to them.

One thing I have observed about children is that the way they speak is 94 percent alike to what they write.

One day, I sat close to a girl of thirteen years, who was writing. I tried my best not to read whatever she was writing. But I could not control myself and I began to read.

It went thus:

“Yesterday, me and brother lekan was going to my mummy shop, he is liking our going, me too.

We reach our shop and I see my mummy and she is Happy, she call me and my brother and she give us fry rice and meet…………”

I tried in all my power not to laugh, I didn’t. 

I decided to start up a conversation. 

“How are you?”


“Did this thing happen, or is it a joke?”

“No, it is true, me and my brother was going to my mummy shop, and……..”

Not wanting to lose my serious face, I interrupted her, and walked away in laughter.

May God help us, I hope that with my point, I hope been able to convince you that it what you know that you show, and what you say is what you write.


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