When it’s time to shut up

“Would you close your mouth?”

“Won’t you shut up?”

“When is she going to stop talking?”

A lot of us enjoy talking, it’s a form of communication that can’t be ignored in everyday life, but a lot of us misuse talking.

I am not saying that you don’t have the right to talk however you like; there are people who when corrected about their talking, give you this “I was given my mouth to talk”, yes and so what?

Others give this “freedom of speech” talk, you have the right to talk, but don’t talk me to boredom.

So when should you know when to stop talking, or to put it well, to shut up.

1 When you feel you have said too much

 There are times when we talk and talk so much, that we know that we have said too much, the funny thing is that we keep on talking. Why not shut up. 

2 You notice that your listeners are getting bored

Stop right there, don’t keep on talking, or instead crack a very funny joke.

 When your listener(s) frequently  gives you “I don’t know” for an answer, or just smiles.   Stop talking.

3 You lost count of time

Sometimes, your listeners can also get interested in your talk, especially when it’s a discussion. 

But you also need to know that when you notice you have talked too much, stop talking.

4 You don’t undetstand what you are saying anymore

Yes, i am also guilty of something like this, you see, sometimes I talk so much that I just continue talking without thinking, and I eventually say rubbish.

When you get to a point like this, zip up.

5  When your listener wants to talk

Don’t keep interrupting your listener, let him talk, it might be his way of telling you ” Hey, you’ve said too much”.
This few points should be able to put you in the right step to develop having good communication skills with people, and avoid bragging, blaspheming ( Some people believe i am guilty of this), saying nonsense, and of course boring others.

If you feel there are others ways to know when to keep shut up during a conversation,  which of course, there are. Feel free to add them in the comment box.


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